Rail Mounted Connectors - Elmex

Polyamide 6.6 Rail Mounted Terminal Blocks:

Polyamide 6.6 (or Nylon 6.6) is a resin belonging to the Nylon family of thermoplastic molding materials.

Melamine Rail Mounted Terminal Blocks:

Melamine is a resin belonging to the group of thermosetting compounds, generally known as aminoplasts. It has an excellent resistance to deformation, particular hardness and a very good surface brilliance.

Melamine has an optimum dimensional stability and a strong resistance to surface discharge with CTI > 600 (IEC-60112).It does not ignite and gets converted into char form in case of fire. It is abrasion and chemical resistant, waterproof and resists high and low temperatures within the limits of -40 ºC and 130 ºC. Melamine is particularly suited for unfavorable environmental conditions and is preferred for Circuit Breaker Panels, Refineries, Chemical Plants, potentially explosive installations and any other high risk environments in general.