Wound Primary Type (WPL) - Elmex

(CT Having Two or more number of Primary turns)

  • Suitable for rated Primary current below 100A
  • Generally used for higher accuracy with lower burdens (Viz. 5VA/ Class-1.0 or 2.5VA/ Class-0.5 for metering).
  • Available in Resin cast and Plastic casing

Window /Opening Type (OPL) - Elmex

(CT having an opening of suitable size is provided in the centre for primary conductor)

  • Suitable for rated primary current above 100A
  • Economic design
  • Round core CT is preferred over Rectangular Core CT for better performance
  • Available in Resin Cast and Plastic casing

Bar Primary Type (BPL) - Elmex

(CT having Single Primary turn with the Primary Conductor embedded)

  • Suitable for rated Primary current above 100A
  • Compact in size compared to OPL type
  • Used in case of space limitations
  • Available in Resin cast only